How to Get Rid of Outlook Stuck in Safe Mode Problem While Loading Profile?

Query: I am using Outlook 2016 in Windows 10 OS. Suddenly, my MS Outlook start getting freezes while loading Profile. I don’t know the reasons behinds this issue. Please suggest me the best solution to resolve Outlook Stuck in safe mode error quickly.

Solution: Yes, you can easily resolve Outlook hangs in safe mode issue. Just read the below information and know why this error occurs & how to get out of Microsoft Outlook safe mode problem in few steps.

Consider the following scenario:

“An email user launches Microsoft Outlook on his machine and he finds that it is opened in a safe mode. Moreover, every time when he opens the application he notices that Outlook stuck in safe mode and now has a query that how can he disable Outlook safe mode & switch to normal mode?”

Therefore, Outlook users need some solutions to change from Outlook safe mode to normal mode. In this blog, we are going to discuss the symptoms by which one can determine whether Outlook is in safe mode or not and solutions to get Outlook out of safe mode.

Symptoms of Outlook Hangs in Safe Mode Issue

There are some changes in the behavior of Outlook when it is a safe mode which is necessary to understand in order to remove Outlook stuck in safe mode:

  1. There are changes observed when you start Outlook after making modifications. However, when Outlook is in safe mode, Outlook settings will not appear when you will always start with the default settings.
  2. When Microsoft Outlook is in safe mode, during that time the Reading Pane is disabled, by default and you need to turn off Outlook safe mode to enable it.
  3. Whenever you launch Outlook in normal mode, you find Add-ins in them. However, in case of safe mode, these add-ins will not appear and are disabled.
  4. The feature of instant searching on Outlook will not work if Outlook is in safe mode.
  5. You will not be able to customize quick access toolbar and ribbon in Outlook.

Solutions to Fix Outlook Stuck in Safe Mode Problem

In order to fix ‘Outlook only starts in safe mode 2016, 2013, and 2010’ problem, there are many custom solutions to resolve this issue. The solutions to Get Outlook Out of Safe Mode are mentioned below with each and every step of the respective process:

Trick #1: Set the Registry Key to remove Outlook from safe mode

  • Press Ctrl+R to open the Run window on your screen and then type Regedit.
  • Either press Enter or click on OK button to proceed further.
  • Navigate towards the following location by expanding the registry files.

Note: Just in case if any of the path or folders is missing then, you need to create it. To do so right-click on the last key, then choose New>> Key and type the missing folder name in it.

  • After successfully reaching to Security folder, right-click on it and then choose New >> DWORD option
    Type DisableSafeMode and press Enter to remove Outlook from safe mode.
  • Right-click on DisableSafeMode and choose Modify option.
  • In the field of Value type 1 and click OK.
  • If you are using Office of 32-bit with Windows 64-bit, then you need to repeat the procedure from (4) to (7) for following registry location also:
  • Restart your machine and fix the error i.e., to get Outlook Out of Safe Mode.

Trick #2: Uninstall the Update KB3114409 to remove Outlook from safe mode

The very common answer to the question ‘how do I get out of safe mode in Microsoft Outlook’ is to uninstall the update KB3114409. However, there are different solutions for uninstalling the updates because these varies with version of Windows OS. Therefore to remove Outlook from safe mode, here we are going to discuss all available operating system:

Windows 10

  • Go to Start and within the search window, write View Installed Updates. Press Enter to continue.
  • In the updates list, find & select update KB3114409 and then click on Uninstall button. This will start removing all the updated files from your machine.
  • Restart your system and then you will find Microsoft Outlook safe mode turn off.

Windows 8 or 8.1

  • Move the mouse towards the right-hand side of the screen and then click on Search option.
  • Type Windows update in searching text box and then select that Installed Updates computer program.
  • From the list of updates, find for update KB3114409 in search service and then click on Uninstall option for erasing the installed file from your machine to get Outlook out of safe mode.

Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP</strong

  • Go to Start >> Run or press Ctrl+R from the keyboard.
  • Write Appwiz.cpl and then either press Enter or click on OK button.
  • Now on the basis of your operating system follow the other steps:

For Windows XP

  • Choose View installed updates and then find for update KB3114409
  • Click on it and then select Uninstall button for deleting the updated files & remove Outlook stuck in safe mode.

For Windows 7 and Vista

  • Check the check-box of Show Update and then look for update KB3114409.
  • Click on Remove button after selecting the update file for eliminating updated files from your computer system.

Outlook 365, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

Earlier Versions of Outlook 2016 had issues with the instant Windows search that caused the problem. You could resolve this issue by disabling the Windows search facility & repairing MS Office Installation. To to this, Run Inbox Repair Tool or SCANPST.EXE.

How to Run Inbox Repair Tool or SCANPST.EXE Application

  • Open Inbox Repair Tool from Windows Default Location.
  • Within Inbox Repair Tool pop-up window, enter the exact location of PST file or Manually Browse the location of the File.
  • Inbox Repair Tool will begin repairing your file.

Note: The efficiency of Outlook’s Inbuilt SCANPST.EXE free utility depends upon the degree of damage caused to PST File. In case, if Inbox Repair tool is not responding, then what will you do? So, in that scenario, you have to move on any 3rd party PST repair tool to rebuild Outlook data file(.pst).

To Disable Windows Search Facility:

  • Go to Control Panel >> Administrator Tool Folder.
  • Double Click Services & search Windows Search within the folder.
  • Under the General Tab, you have the service status. Choose Stop under the Service status section and Apply changes.

Note: Stop Windows Service only to work in Normal mode and to repair the file. Since it will cause the Windows Search Facility and Outlook Search to stop.

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In order to switch Outlook safe mode to normal mode, the best approach is to remove update KB3114409 that will most probably turn off Microsoft Outlook safe mode. Although we are having the best approach but, if in case the process does not work then, you should set the registry key to resolving the problem. Moreover, it is guaranteed that one of the two procedure will definitely fix your problem & get Outlook Out of Safe Mode.

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