How to Fix AOL Error 116? Throughout Insight, Tips and Solution

Getting AOL error 116 repeatedly? Here is what you need to do in order to resolve this 116 error code. Get the complete insight on 116 error causes, solutions and prevention tips.

Generally when you receive AOL mail error 116, you are unable to exchange (send or receive) emails from your AOL account. What makes this error to occur and how to fix error 116 in AOL mail? Read the whole write up to combat the error 116 in your AOL mail with the perfect method. Also find out how can you further avoid this error in future as well.

Reasons Why You Get AOL Error 116?

The factors causing this error code 116 could be several. Below we have mentioned the most possible reasons of this AOL error code 116:

  • Erroneous System Files: The most basic reason of this error is some corruption in your Windows system files, you must always make sure the system files are properly configured.
  • Viruses: Some kind of malware or virus infections can also cause this kind of AOL errors in your system.
  • Improper AOL Installation: Surprisingly, the improper, corrupted installation / uninstallation of AOL desktop can also cause this issue.
  • Windows Registry: Corrupted or damaged entries in Windows registry can also be a huge factor to influence AOL error 116 or such kind of other errors.
  • Plug-ins: Having a ton of unnecessary plug-ins can also give birth to such error codes in your system.
  • Anti-virus: Sometimes, without you knowing, your Anti-virus program might also secretly causing errors and malfunctioning in you system.

Quick Fixes to AOL Mail Error 116

Here are some effective tips and tricks to use and get rid of the 116 error code in AOL. Follow up the following hacks to deal with the 116 error.

#1. Update Your Browser

First of all, update your web browser to the newest version and then try to access AOL mail account.

#2. Restore System

The already backed up system backups are handy when it comes to error issues in system. With the help of in-built Windows Recovery Disk tool, you can always restore your files. Although, a good backup of all your crucial data must be prepared in the first place.

#3. Remove Plug-ins

Remove all the plug-ins from your system. They cause many errors including 116 error too. Make a habit to stay away from plenty of plug-ins as much as you can.

#4. Properly Re-Install AOL Software

Make sure to install AOL desktop software without any error. Many a times there are incorrect configuration settings caused by users in between the procedure to install the software, which lead to AOL error 116. This might be a reason in your case too, so re-install the AOL software with the latest version in accordance with the instructions given, and let the procedure finish smoothly.

#5. Carefully Enter User-name & Password

Try these steps in case when all the other tips are not working for you.

  • First, enter your user-name and password correctly.
  • Now hit on Start >> navigate to Connect To
  • Now go to the dial-up connection and enter your Username and password again.

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Got No Luck with the Above Tips?

Hopefully the error must be resolved by now. And if not, you can always connect to AOL helpdesk. You will denfinetly get help from he experts.

AOL Helpdesk Number: +1-888-226-9506


What Preventions to Take to Avoid the AOL Error 116 in Future

In order to avoid such kind of errors in near future, always make sure to create frequent backups of all your data. Backups are always helpful, not only in the times of errors, but unpredictable data loss situations as well. A good backup comes handy while dealing with data loss/ virus attacks.

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