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How to Resolve Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable Error

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How to Resolve Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable Error

“I am a regular user of Microsoft Outlook. Yesterday, I was working on my Outlook profile, and then it displayed an error message ‘Exchange Server is unavailable’. However, after some time Outlook recovered from that error and worked smoothly. But today I again got the same Outlook connection issue with Exchange 2013 server. That time, I was busy in some important work, so I tried to resolve the error without waiting for while. But it makes my Outlook profile inaccessible. Please, anyone show me a suitable way to resolve this issue.”

There are many people who faced this issue. Generally, this error occurs in an organization where people are using Outlook application in Exchange environment. This is happening due to many reasons like low connectivity. However, this error message does not allow users to access their server mailboxes data. Hence, in this write-up, we will discuss all the possible ways to get rid of MS Exchange Server is temporary unavailable error. Apart from this, the common reasons and symptoms of this error message are also discussed in this post.

Why Microsoft Exchange Server is Not Available Problem Occurs?

There are many different causes of this issue. Some of them are discussed here:

  • If Microsoft Outlook is not configured properly
  • The problem in network resources
  • Low network connection & internet breakage
  • MS Outlook may be set up incorrectly
  • If an old version of Exchange is used
  • Missing default gateway configuration in a client application

What are the Symptoms of Exchange Server is Temporary Unavailable Issue?

When users try to open the MS Outlook application in Office 365 dedicated, there are chances that they may experience one of the following symptoms.

Symptom 1:
Users will get a message that looks like the following error:
“Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable”
Symptom 2:
Outlook starts in the disconnected state. It means that the lower right corner of the Outlook windows displays disjointed.

How to Fix Error Code Exchange Server is Not Unavailable – Solutions

One of the main reasons for this error message is disturbance is network connectivity. Hence, if you will diagnose the network connection problem and resolve the issue, you’re your exchange server is temporarily unavailable issue will resolve automatically. This diagnosis can be easily done by the Microsoft’s connectivity analyzer tool.

1. At first, install the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer tool by performing these steps.

  • Click on the Client button & then Install Now button.
  • After installing the utility, select I can’t log on with Office Outlook option.
  • Now, enter the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) address and valid credentials for log in.

2. If the problem occurs for only single Exchange Server mailbox or Exchange server not available issue has not resolved by using the Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool. In this case, you need to create a new Outlook profile.
3. When multiple users are affected from the Exchange issue and a new Outlook profile is unable to resolve the problem, you need to gather some information and then contact the Microsoft Online Service Support. There are following information that you need to collect:

  • Does the Exchange server issue occur either in a particular office network segment or in a specific Exchange mailbox server?
  • When the ‘Exchange Server is unavailable’ issue began exactly and from when it starts creating a problem for users?
  • The output of the Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool of Microsoft.
  • The ping, ipconfig /all, and tracert command output.
  • The output of telnet command from the client to a destination on Port nos. 135 & 443.

Smart Solution to Handle Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Temporarily Unavailable Issue

If Exchange Server is temporary unavailable, then there are chances that users cannot mount the Exchange database. It leads to corruption in Exchange EDB file. Hence, it is required to repair the corrupted Exchange database easily. In this case, Exchange Recovery tool comes as the best choice in users mind. Because it provides so many advanced features that makes this tool capable to recover even a highly damaged EDB file and saves in PST format. So, it can be easily open and accessible by the MS Outlook. Apart from this, there are also many functionalities of this software like date-based filter, file naming conventions, maintains folder hierarchy, and supports all versions of Exchange.

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Bottom Line

In this technical era, email is one of the most popular and integral communication platforms. Outlook is one of the demanded email clients that works in complete combination with MS Exchange Server. But sometimes users get an error “Exchange Server is unavailable”. So, we have covered both manual and professional way to resolve this problem. It is up to users to choose which solution is better to fix the issue.

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