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Why AOL Not Working with Outlook? Easy Steps to Resolve Issue

Why AOL Not Working with Outlook

Are you facing password prompting problem while syncing AOL account in Microsoft Outlook?

In this article, we have covered the most common queries of users when they connect their AOL email account in Microsoft Outlook.

The queries are:

  1. Why is AOL not connecting to Outlook?
  2. Why AOL mail not working with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007?
  3. Why does Outlook 2016 keep asking for my AOL password again and again at the time of configuration?
  4. Why is AOL not syncing with Outlook?
  5. Why Outlook 2013 not syncing with AOL?

Solution: All the above queries will be resolved by enabling only 1 option in AOL account i,e; “Allow app that user less secure sign-in”, or by simply contacting AOL customer care no. +1-866-235-1646.

Do you know, how?

Okay, just follow the below step by step guidelines and resolve Outlook keeps asking for a password while connecting with AOL account.

How to Enable Less Secure App Sign-in Option in AOL Account

Follow the below steps to turn on less secure app option:

I hope with the help of above steps, Outlook asking for password again and again with AOL issue will be resolved.

Personal Experience

I was also facing the same password prompting issue while connecting my AOL account with Outlook 2016. I followed the above steps the issue has been fixed. So, just try and share your experience in the comment box.


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