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A Throughout Review on Grammarly 2019 – Features | Pros | Cons

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A Throughout Review on Grammarly

So it all starts with writing a blog, well to be more clear, it is really not a piece of cake to attain high proficiency in writing fruitful contents nowadays. Google is coming up with numerous updates in every once in a while, which ultimately makes SEO to consistently evolve.

We can’t deny the fact that quality contents and Search engine ranks go hand in hand, the better the content quality, higher search engine rank. Well, of course, there are several other factors too for a good SERP rank, but we can’t ignore the importance of quality content, as they say, “Content is King”.

On that note, no matter how perfectly a content has been written, if there are grammatical and punctuation mistakes in it, it is going to affect its quality, which will eventually drop the chances of ranking on top.


Some individuals try to fool Web crawlers by opting for content spinning, meanwhile, Google easily finds out if the content is written by a human or a robot.


The content rewriting instruments are robots that use synonym words or just convert the active form into passive while, Google is smart enough to identify the spun content and detects if the content is generated through a robot.

You think it is that simple?

Well no, it’s not!

If an article full of grammatical mistakes is written by a human, Google is still going to take it down considering it as spun content.

Feel the help of a Grammar teacher now?

Grammarly is there for you!

This software is not just another tool with some fanciful features and magical superpowers that will automatically serve you a ready-made content, but it is going to improve the writing quality, point out the grammatical and punctuation faults and going to resolve them.

Move ahead to how to get along with this tool and create the finest contents!

How to Use Grammarly?

It has an advanced grammatical test machine where you share your textual content and it gets examined. By going through the whole article, it detects the mistakes and improvement suggestions for the better.


Where to Get Started?

Below are all the compatible browsers and platforms for Grammarly extension as well as desktop application,

The Grammarly extension gets along with all the common web browsers, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It even has an exclusive Microsoft Office extension that takes the content writing experience to a whole new level.

Now, Let’s Move Further to the Major Features of Grammarly.

  1. Misspelled WordsThe obvious feature of this pretty little tool is the spelling check feature. It instantly points out if a word is spelled incorrectly and comes up the appropriate suggestion.
  2. PunctuationsOne of the most underestimated writing etiquettes often ignored by 90% of the writers is Punctuation (? “” ! etc.). These must be placed correctly or the meaning of the sentence can be violated.
  3. Writing Style CheckGrammarly premium is all set to help you make the right choice of words and more sensible sentences. You can attain a professional writing style avoiding silly mistakes.
  4. More Structured SentencesA well-structured content automatically draws the user’s attention. If you have managed a reader to be engaged in your content, your job is done!

Inevitably Grammarly provides you all these liberties and that is not all. The Premium plan provides more advanced features and support including the following:

  1. Duplicacy detection
  2. Suggests Vocabulary
  3. Performance stats
  4. Detects Weak adjectives
  5. Detects Misplaced Phrases

So, what all are the pros and cons of Grammarly? Let’s move on,


  • Precise suggestions
  • Fast processing
  • Trivial explanations
  • Subtle customization


  • Slightly costly premium plans.
  • I felt it keep forcing you to opt for Premium plan until you subscribe one.

Grammarly All Plans

  • Premium monthly plan- $29.95/month
  • Premium quarterly plan – 19.98/month
  • Premium annual plan – $11.66/month

However, I started with the free chrome extension and eventually subscribed the Premium plan and I absolutely love it!

If blogging is your passion, I would genuinely suggest all bloggers/users to invest in Grammarly as you won’t regret this decision ever.

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