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Quick Hacks to Resolve AOL Not Working Issue | Windows 10 Mail & iPhone

AOL Mail Not Working Error

This is not about a rare instance that we casually bump into. Every now and then users find AOL mail not working properly, freezing up, getting slower and what not. There are indeed multiple factors that influence such mishappenings in AOL mail.

Undoubtedly AOL proves to be the one of the best and oldest email clients presently. The all-in-one experience with emailing, browsing, instant messaging, dial-up connectivity, search and content management makes it stand out. No matter how perfect a mail client is, there are indeed some lags which can’t be overlooked.

So let us take a look at why we get errors like AOL mail stopped working, not responding and so on and what are the best troubleshoot practices to deal with such errors.

Note: As a quick resolution you can simply call at 1-866-235-1646 (AOL support).

Why Do We Get AOL Mail Not Working Types of Errors?

Unknowingly, the several things could cause AOL to stop working and responding. Let’s get in more depth with all the causes.

How to Resolve AOL Stopped Working Errors?

Below are the troubleshoot practices for AOL not responding error in multiple platforms:

#1. AOL Not Working on Windows 10 Mail App

First, we will try to troubleshoot the AOL mail issue for Windows 10 Mail App. Follow up the below tricks:

  1. Visit the Settings option >> Click on Manage Accounts >> choose your AOL account
  2. Now hit the Mailbox Sync Settings option

Look for these settings:

IMAP Username:

Incoming Mail Server:

Note: Sure you can use POP protocol as incoming server too but it is highly recommended to use IMAP in this case of AOL with Windows Mail. POP can be used with other email clients.

Port No.: 143 (Standard), 993 (SSL)

SMTP Outgoing Server: Port: 587

SMTP Username:

Password: Insert your Windows 10 Mail App password

  1. Open the Mail App >> Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Manage Accounts option
  3. Click on Delete an Account >> Choose your AOL account
  4. Now that you are done removing your AOL account, add id again.

By now the issue must be resolved.

#2. AOL Not Working on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and facing the problem with your AOL mail, we got you covered with the following fixes:

Just like we did in the case of Windows Mail App, this trick can be used with any email client or OS. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings option in your iPhone >> select Accounts & Passwords and choose the AOL account
  2. Next, click on Delete Account option

You AOL account has been deleted. Now you have to add it again with the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings >> Again go to Accounts & Passwords option.
  2. Now click on Add Account option
  3. Lastly, Log-In using your credentials

Sometimes the errors like AOL not working on iPhone occur due to some issues in Network Settings. Below are the steps to reset your Network Settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings option and hit General
  2. Now select Reset option
  3. Choose Reset Network Settings option. Your VPN / APN settings, cellular and Wi-Fi passwords and Networks would also be reseted.

Some Additional Tips to Fix the AOL Mail Not Working Issue

Above methods were specific to Windows 10 Mail App and iPhone. But the AOL stopped working error could arise on several other platforms as well. So below are some tips that can be applied on any of the platform to fix AOL issues:

Bottom Line

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This was all about the troubleshoot of “Why is my AOL email not working” problems. I believe the issue must get resolved with all the above tips and hacks. Also, no need to panic if the error is haunting you even after these all approaches (although it is rare), in such case you can always contact the AOL support team at 1-866-235-1646 and get quick assistance from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Can I resolve AOL IMAP server not responding error?

A 1: Yes, using the below steps you can fix server not responding error easily:

Q 2: Can I also fix AOL mail not working issue on iPhone?

A 2: Yes, you can easily resolve AOL email not working error in iPhone using the above explained steps.

Q 3: Why AOL is not working? Please Explain Causes of this issue.

A 3: There are many reasons due to which AOL mail does not respond:

  1. Cookies in Your Browser
  2. Corruption in Software
  3. Firewall Guidelines, etc.
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