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Do You Know the Benefits of Office 365 Business Plans?

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Benefits of Office 365 Business Plans

Query: I want to use Microsoft Office 365 for Business account. So, I want to know about the advantages of Office 365 Business plans so that I can subscribe and start working on the O365 cloud.

Solution: You are at right place. We have explained the benefits of Office 365 Business plans in this article. Just go through the blog.

Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of greater accessibility to the new features. This has some clear advantages to business when you boost your productivity and it keeps data secure. The solutions offered by Office 365 go beyond that of the installed version of Microsoft office.

Office 365 is a paid service. Users have to subscribe to it and make payment of a monthly or yearly basis. This is designed to grow your business by integrating multiple applications like outlook, word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. As long as you are using Office 365, you are minimizing your valuable time and improving the quality of the outcome.

Moving forward to its advantages, I am going to discuss the following points.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Business Plans

  • Engage From Anywhere in the Globe
    All know about its basic advantage that is easily accessible by anyone anywhere. This advantage has gathered a large number of users in this application. This is entirely a cloud-based system that keeps your data. To run Office 365 there are no hard and fast standards and regulations of technical or IT skills. All you need to arrange is good internet connectivity because the master copy is ‘in the cloud’. You can access the same data and save it on your PC.
  • Easy Collaboration and Team Performance
    Emails and managing contents are a big deal in our day to day life. Even in small businesses, every action is taken through emails and team performance. When an organization is greatly involved in team performance, Office 365 plays a vital role.This helps every employee to get connected. That is why the collaboration feature is appreciated by many of the organizations. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are prepared by an employee and in case any editing is there, it is possible to do it by another employee. This feature creates a bond among the workers. Co-operation makes a task easy and finishes within a short range of periods.

    It includes the feature where the content is the same but that can be sent to different receivers at the same point of time. This minimizes the time of typing and sending the same message to each receiver. Office 365 has brought a big change in the internal communication of an organization.

  • Updating of Latest Programs
    Days are gone when the user needs to pay for any update in Microsoft office. With Office 365 this system has been removed. You will be notified each time when there is a new version available. There is no need for uninstalling those old versions and installing the new. Every update is automatic in Office 365. You will have access to all of the updates.
  • Work With What You KnowI am not saying Office 365 is technically very advanced and the user finds it difficult to use it. If you do not have much IT knowledge and want to use it, you can. Generally, organizations and users do not want to give up those applications which they are using already as they find it easy to run.

    Office 365 has the same features as those of old versions. What has changed is that they all are living in the cloud now. This means your IT team does not need to direct and guide your workforce on how to use this application when something new is released. So this system makes your workforce happy by simplifying the tasks and keeps your productivity up. The workforce is not about to learn new things daily. But they are served with an updated version of this application.

  • Data Security and Control
    One of the biggest myths about the cloud is that it is not safe. But when you use it, you will find it not more or not less safe compared to an on-premise system. It depends on you who runs this application. It includes a big volume of built-in security features.Office 365 keeps away everyone who is not the intended receiver. It includes a set of policies and regulations that check and prevent sensitive information from leaving your organization through mail service. You can control Office 365 on your employees’ phones to protect the company’s information. Advanced threat analysis and machine learning alert you for suspicious behavior in your network. It scans the mails when they come to your network for malicious links and attachments. This will stop malicious links and attachments from getting in. A message will be delivered implying why the attachment is not included. These features are available in all plans. After explaining these all, now be sure that your data is free on the cloud. Go ahead and store.
  • Hold Your Business Email ServerYou will enjoy your own professional business email system. You can create an email address for yourself and employees on your own that will feature your business domain name. You can create shared emails which would not be assigned to a particular employee but a group of users. Every user can access a separate email folder named ‘accounts’ and reply to emails from their address or shared mail address.
  • No Licensing Issues
    Office 365 covers all licensing. Here every user will use the same version at the same time and upgrades will also be done together.Out of software license is a severe headache for small and growing businesses. This involves a big amount of time also. As Office 365 is here, this problem has been solved.

Close it Up

I expect this article has given you a brief idea of why you should adopt Office 365 and how its features can benefit you. I would like to hear from you and respond to your comments. If anything is there to discuss, please comment below.

Author Bio: Neeraj Sharma is a professional blogger, currently working at Hostnetindia. This web hosting company offers VPS, Cloud, Dedicated Server as well as Office 365 business and tally on cloud.

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