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Why OST Files Gets Corrupted? Know the Reasons

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Why OST Files Gets Corrupted?
MS Outlook is undeniably the most broadly utilized email client across the globe. PST and OST are two sorts of Outlook files supported by this email client. The POP accounts save their mailbox data in PST format, whereas IMAP account, Outlook 365 accounts, Outlook.com, and Exchange accounts save their mailbox data in OST format. However sadly, the Microsoft Outlook file is prone to damage similar to other computer files. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the most frequent reasons for common OST data file corruption.

Offline Storage Table: A Brief Introduction

OST (Offline Storage Table) is an MS Outlook file built by Outlook that lets you operate offline when you aren’t linked to the Internet. The subsequent time you link to the Internet, it is going synchronize the modifications with the Exchange Server. Such an aptitude to work in offline mode is quite useful when there is limited or unreliable Internet connectivity.

An Outlook OST file saves the replica of your mailbox which consists of emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, and more of an Outlook.com, Exchange, or Office 365 account. The OST file is saved on your local machine so that you could simply access your mailbox even if the connectivity is not available. At the time of working offline, it’s possible to check or build new appointments, read and write email messages, and even find out or add new contacts.
Always remember, whatever modifications you perform while working offline model is not going to be synchronized with Outlook on MS Exchange Server till the Internet connectivity is back. Though the OST data file is quite similar to PST. It can merely save the data in offline mode.

Why OST File Gets Corrupted or Damaged: 2 Key Reasons

There are mainly two key factors that can make your OST file inaccessible, i.e.,

  • Hardware Issues
  • Software Issues

Hardware Reasons: Hardware associated problems are built because of malfunctioning, unsuitable configuration, or other external failures. These components include network connectors, hard drive, internal or external power unite, and more. There are several causes that affect the performance of hardware devices.

  • Affected Storage Device
    In case, you figure out the storage machine functioning slower than normal, there could be a blend of causes that are accountable behind this problem like bugs or faulty hardware. The unanticipated functionality can be because of damage to any constituent or because of virus infection.
  • Hurdles Due to Network Connectors
    Problems cropping up because of an unsuitable performance of the network routers, cards, cables, and several other similar machines can affect the performance of the Outlook OST data files if they fail to synchronize properly. It is suggested to verify the network connections, as well as devices to make sure that they are functioning as per normal.
  • Hard Drive’s Bad Sectors
    Among all, bad sectors on the hard drives are one of the key reasons for Outlook OST file damage. It impacts the functional components of the hard drive, as well as its functionality, degrades to a substantial degree. It even causes malfunctioning in the data files saved on it. Outlook OST corruption could be the consequence of the presence of frequent bad sectors available on the machine.
  • Unexpected Power Surges or Loss
    An unanticipated power failure may result in OST corruption if the case appears when the user is functioning with the data file. Moreover, to unexpected damage to electricity, there are instances when the stock is moderately higher, as well as the device gets affected with additional power supply.


Software Reasons: Software associated issues are the problems and errors that appear because of logical incompatibilities and inconsistencies. These issues are quite often occurred by bug transmission, application failure, virus infections, downloading apps from untrustworthy resources, and other similar factors. A few of the ordinary errors are stated in the section below:

  • Stipulated Storage Restriction
    Due to the fact that every individual data file being utilized for data storage is accountable to particular storage dimensions when OST reaches this specified limit, it goes damage or even turns inaccessible. Therefore, you require to recover the MS Outlook OST in order to acquire used to the combined data. It is well to compact, as well as split the OST data file on a frequent basis to keep it managed.
  • Sudden Termination of Outlook
    As soon as you are done with the entire Microsoft Outlook tasks and emailing operations, make sure you exit different open windows, as well as dialog boxes. Don’t switch off a procedure while it’s in functionality otherwise, the related data files might turn damage and the MS Outlook OST will turn out to be inaccessible. In serious cases, the app itself might shut down or freeze abruptly.
  • Non-Supported Outlook Add-In
    At times, the issue stays in the add-ins installed with Microsoft Outlook. To solve this problem, you will require to disable COM add-ins from Microsoft Outlook Options by choosing add-ins options and clicking on the Manage button. Disabling add-ins on a ‘one-on-one’ basis helps detect the actual add-in that is creating an issue.
  • Deficiency in MS Outlook Program
    In multiple cases, it is the app itself that is building common problems with the Outlook OST or even PST. In such scenarios, it is quite tough to find out the genuine cause, but a lot of workarounds might assist perceiving the unique reason for the error, as well as recover Outlook OST. Such issues can merely be corrected from the developer’s end.

How to Fix OST File Corruption Issue?

Method 1: Renew Folder
It is possible to fix the OST file corruption only by renewing it. You just need to follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • First of all, go to Properties and right-click on the folder.
  • Once you choose the properties, you can see a dialog box that will occur. In this box, select Clear Offline Items.
  • You need to hit on the OK button.
  • If you are accessing your data on Outlook 2010, move to Send/Receive choice.
  • Finally, hit the Update Folder.


Method 2: Automated Solution
As a matter of fact, there are some limitations associated with manual solutions, you can opt for an automated OST file repair solution, which is a third-party tool.

The Bottom Line

OST allows users to access the data of Outlook in offline mode too, making the email client more prominent. However, there are situations when this file becomes inaccessible. The reasons are many, like data corruption, malware attack, bad sectors on the hard drive, and a lot more. Therefore, in this write-up, we have mentioned two quick solutions to resolve OST file corruption. Hope you will find them useful. If you have any doubts, you can mention it in the comment section below.

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