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How Long Does SCANPST (Inbox Repair Tool) Take to Fix Corrupt PST File

How to Repair Corrupt PST File using SCANPST.EXE


Are you finding a solution for Scanpst.exe / inbox repair tool taking a long time, stuck (stop) at phase 7, not working or responding errors? Just Read the blog and resolve all issues quickly.

Today, Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. It is quite often that the PST file is getting corrupted, which makes the data inaccessible to the users. Now, to tackle the corruption in the PST file, Outlook users mostly choose the free and inbuilt tool by Microsoft, which is the Inbox repair tool.

However, most of the users are pretty much confused using this tool that how long does scanpst.exe take to repair corruptions in Outlook PST file. We have observed on various forums that users are eagerly waiting to know that how long does scanpst.exe take to complete the PST corruptions. Which is why, we have come up with this article to let users know about the time required to repair corrupt PST file using Inbox repair tool.

Let’s follow some queries which have taken from various tech-forums to help understand the situation in a clear manner,

“Yesterday, when I launched my Outlook, I was not able to open it. I have a 5 GB large PST file which has been corrupted. I have run scanpst.exe several times, it scans and also finds the error, However, the process is taking a long time. Could someone let me know that how long does the scanpst take to complete the process?”

“I ran the Inbox repair tool on a 19 GB PST file. The tool captured the errors and asked me to click on backup and repair to fix them. However, the repairing process is still going and I am not sure that how long will it go. So, please let me know that how long does the Outlook Inbox repair tool take to complete the repair process?”

Why there is a Need to Use Scanpst.exe?

As we know that MS Outlook stores all the mailbox data in PST files. If the Outlook sessions are crashing or if there occur any technical discrepancies. Then, the potential reason could be due to a faulty or corrupted PST file. In order to check the errors in the Outlook data file, the freeware tool by Microsoft i.e., Inbox repair tool can be used.

Why Scanpst.exe Fails to Repair the Corrupt PST File?

The major reasons why Inbox repair tool is taking a long time can be due to the following reasons,

  • The Inbox repair tool takes a long time to repair the corrupt PST, when the PST file exceeds more than 2 GB of data storage.
  • When there is insufficient system resources such as CPU or computer system memory.
  • When the PST file is severely corrupted, it fails to fix the major corruptions.

What are the Failures While using Scanpst.exe Utility?

The Inbox repair tool is designed to check Outlook PST files for integrity errors. However, there are quite major failures associated with this tool. Because of which, the Inbox repair tool is taking a long time to fix the PST corruptions. Some of the dominant failures are mentioned below,

  • It focuses to repair only the header part and minor-level corruptions in the PST file.
  • When the body of the Outlook PST file is corrupted, the tool fails to repair those errors.
  • After the repair process, the recovered files are placed at different folders, hence fails to maintain data integrity.
  • It is insecure to use this tool, as it fails to fix the high-level corruptions, thereby leading to data loss.

As we read and understand the above failures, it is clear enough to realize that it is not a feasible method to fix the corruptions in the PST file. Apart from all these, we never know that how long does scanpst take to complete the repair process. So, is that we need to stop using Outlook after knowing that the Inbox repair tool fails to repair the major PST corruptions?

Then, What is the Reliable Solution to Fix the Outlook Corruptions?

After all, the inbuilt tool by Microsoft proves fatal to fix the severe corruptions in the PST file. Also, there is no surety that how long does scanpst take to complete the process. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to resolve the Outlook corruption using an expert tool like SysTools Outlook PST repair software. It is a secure tool, which fixes all the PST corruptions without any loss of data. It provides the option to search the PST file to repair multiple PST files in batch mode. Unlike the Inbox repair tool, it ensures to maintain the folder structure and data integrity after the repair process. By using this tool, now users don’t have to worry that how long does the Outlook repair tool take to complete.

Simple Working of SysTools PST Repair Software

  • Launch the software and click on Add File button to select the PST file.
  • After selecting the file, choose the scan options i.e., either Quick scan or Advance scan.
  • Once the scanning completes, it recovers the files from the corrupted PST file, which is displayed in red color.
  • Then, click Browse to save the repaired corrupted files in PST format.

Closing Thoughts

Although, one can use the Inbox repair tool to repair the corrupted PST file. But, there is no surety that how long does scanpst.exe take to complete the repair process. As it takes a long time to complete the repair process. Therefore, it is recommended to use SysTools Outlook PST Repair tool, where it repairs both major and minor corruptions within a short duration of time.

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