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Office 365 Advantages and Disadvantages – Do you Know?

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Office 365 Advantages and Disadvantages


Doing Google to know about the pros and cons of Office 365? Just go through this blog and learn the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Office 365.

Do you know the most essential Office 365 advantage for end users? Maybe you will say business-class email? Right? Well, this is absolutely correct. However, Microsoft Office 365 has lots of other benefits that are quite crucial for a business to run. Therefore, today I am going to discuss both, advantages and disadvantages of the Office 365 suite.

A Brief Overview of Office 365

Launch in June 2011, it is primarily intended only for the corporate users. However, after some time it gets expanded to different types of businesses. Microsoft allows using Office 365 software as a service platform that includes Office applications. These applications include SharePoint, Lync, Office Web apps, and Exchange. In addition, Office 365 Home Premium edition brings forth typical Office applications. These applications include:

  • Outlook
  • MS Excel
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • Word
  • One Note (unavailable for the Mac OS)

5 Reasons Why Switch to Office 365 – Advantages

  1. Accessibility: Use it on Up to Five Devices One of the biggest benefits to run Exchange Online is that its every license permits you to access the software on multiple devices (up to 5). Unlike older versions of MS Office 365, in case you have a Mac and a Windows machine, you can access it on both with one license.
  2. Affordability: Lower Up-Front Costs Everyone wants to avail good revenue by investing a small amount. An Office 365 Small Business Premium edition is accessible for $170 every year and includes business class mails. The Office 365 Small Business Premium accompanies five licenses, yet it is charged per client every year. Using the Business Premium version allows each client to install, as well as utilize Office on up to five machines. However, offering licenses to different clients isn’t permitted. The Small Business Premium Edition additionally incorporates business-class email. On the other hand, a duplicate of MS Office 2013 Professional would cost $599 per user.As per DerrickWlodarz, “on the normal, I still can’t seem to see a situation where facilitating email in-house any longer is a commendable undertaking from a cost or uptime point of view”. When you factor in these extra capital costs, such as server hardware, business class email software, power, maintenance, operating systems, etc. all of a sudden Office 365 turns into a greatly improved arrangement.
  3. Usability: Compatible with Touchscreen Devices The latest version of Office 365 has come up with a new feature. Yes, now it is compatible with the new touchscreen gadgets. Moreover, Office 365 can be easily used from anywhere, anytime. Entrepreneurs who have to travel a lot from one place to another can easily access their files easily.
  4. Productivity: Essential for Business Growth Microsoft has also efforts, in order to enhance the productivity in Office 365. The organization has invested time as well as money and makes it easy for both, user and administrator to experience easy to use to simple. Ken Withee and Jennifer Reed mentioned in their book ‘Office 365 for Dummies’.
  5. Storage: One Terabyte Space One of the noteworthy features of Office 365 is that it makes the process of file sharing simple. It keeps your file in the cloud, by default and comes up with 1 terabyte cloud-based file storage. This enables businesses to make policies and decisions in a planned way. Moreover, the employees can simply access the documents, no matter what their location is.

Key Challenges Associated with Office 365 | Disadvantages

Talking about the problems the related to Office 365, they are not many. These are two key challenges that are hard to ignore.

  1. Compatibility IssuesThe first and foremost issue with Exchange online is that it is not compatible with the older operating systems. Undoubtedly, you can download it on Windows, as well as Apple machine, it is only supported on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and newer or Windows 7 or newer versions. This implies that the users are still accessing the Windows XP and Vista, or a previous version of OS X, hence must utilize the Office 2011 edition.
  2. Get All Applications or None Most of the tech geeks generally install only those applications that are required. However, it is not possible with Office 365. You have to install all the applications, whether you want them or not.

All Things to be considered

If your organization is using cloud services or looking forward to implementing it, I would like to suggest you to utilize reliable service providers. This is because your data is essential and its safety is essential for a successful business.

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