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Get the List of 5 Microsoft Outlook Common Errors | 2019

Microsoft Outlook Common Errors

Due to the availability of advanced feature, MS Outlook becomes the most popular email client among home-users and organizations. However, all we know that no single application is perfect. In a similar manner, Outlook also has some technical glitches and this annoys the users most.

The occurrence of an error can be rare or frequent in Outlook application. But, whenever an error appears the entire work flow gets disturbed. So, after analyzing the Outlook errors, we have come with this article. In this post, we are going to discuss top 5 Microsoft Outlook errors with their solutions in an absolute manner.

Well! First, understand the causes behind the Outlook technical issues in a brief manner. So, let’s get started!

Error in MS Outlook: Know the Potential Reasons

Before understanding the errors, it is important to know the causes behind the issue. There are multiple reasons that are responsible to create errors in Outlook mail client.

These are some common reasons that create problem in Microsoft Outlook application. Now, let’s have a look on five major Outlook error in a detailed manner.

5 Common Outlook Errors and Their Fixes

The five major common errors faced by the users while working on Outlook application are listed below:

Amongst the Outlook problem, it is the most common one, that Outlook is slow to perform. Over the period of time the size of email, contact, calendar entries keep growing up in the PST file. As a result, the size of .pst file increases enormously. It goes to such a point that working with Outlook becomes difficult.

Solution: The first step is to delete the unnecessary data items from the PST file that increases the size. Moreover, it is important to eliminate the unwanted emails that have large attachments. If the email is really important, then the one can save it to another location but remove it from the PST.

The second solution to overcome this error is the email Archiving process. One can easily archive the mailbox emails on the basis of years. This will definitely save space in Outlook local PST file.

Add-ins are sometimes become the reason for corruption in Outlook email application. It might be possible that Add-ins get corrupted by some bugs or malicious codes. As a result, Outlook will crash unexpectedly without any warning message.

Solution: A very first step is to understand whether add-ins are responsible for Outlook crash or not. To do this, run the Outlook in safe mode and observe whether it is performing right or not. If the user finds that Outlook does not perform better, then contact to Outlook’s Trust Center. Besides this, removes the add-ins that are responsible for the problem and relaunch the Outlook application.

In such a case, when the same Outlook profile is running on one or more system and the email settings of one device may not match with the other. It will results out inconsistency issue while downloading mail in Outlook client.

Solution: There are two possible workarounds to resolve the above stated problem. First, users can copy the office PC Outlook mailbox data to another Outlook that installed on laptop. Once it is done completely, reopen the Outlook application.

In the Second method, users can take help of IMAP protocol. Basically, IMAP is used to synchronize the server mail with Outlook messages in an absolute manner.

There are times when people from contacts claim that they have received malicious emails from the user while the user is not aware of sending them. This may cause embarrassment to the user if receiver is an important business client and sent out messaged is not appropriate.

Solution: The reason for this issue could be hacking of email account or the PC is damaged by malware. On a fundamental level, user can change the Outlook password to resolve the issue. Otherwise, immediately contact Outlook support and report the problem. Also, users can scan the hard-disk drive with an anti-virus software.

Outlook copies all the mailbox data in Personal Storage Folder or PST file on the local system. Depending upon the Outlook version, PST file has its own storage limit such as Outlook 2016 has 50 GB of PST file. But, once the .pst file exceeds its maximum limit it becomes vulnerable to corruption issue. A corrupt PST will result in inaccessibility of data within the Outlook.

Solution: The one and only manual way to use Inbox Repair tool in order to fix corrupt PST file. It is an inbuilt utility available in Outlook application to resolve corruption issue in Outlook local file (.pst).


It is evident from the above that Outlook error is of many types like corruption of PST, crashing of Outlook, sluggish Outlook etc. If the users are facing the same problem in Outlook, then they can go with the solutions that have provided in this article.

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